Spectroscopy is a wide field of science, creating very interesting fields of application. We are proficient in most spectroscopic techniques. A few of them require special emphasis.

  • optical, absorption spectroscopy of cesium and rubidium atoms – we have developed competence in the field of absorption measurements, including saturated absorption (Doppler free), for the purpose of building a miniature optical atomic clock using the CPT effect. The measurement techniques listed here have been developed to quick verification the technological quality of MEMS Cs/Rb vapor cells produced in our laboratories. They are also used for initial parameterization of high-vacuum “self-pumping” Cs/Rb vapor cells for the atomic clock on so-called cold atoms;
  • near-infrared (3.27 µm) optical absorption spectroscopy for the detection of methane in a single optical path chamber, as well as in a Herriot multi-reflection chamber.
  • plasma spectroscopy using a miniature ionization head and optical readout, where plasma is generated in the MEMS ionization head and the plasma glow is analyzed by the MEMS optical spectrometer. As a result, we receive qualitative and quantitative information on the composition of the tested gas sample;
  • mass spectroscopy carried out in the world’s first miniature, fully integrated mass spectrometer, characterized by analytical parameters comparable to macroscale equivalents.