IAC 2022

Scientists from SRC FEPM have been actively participating in the largest and most prestigious conference in the astronautics branch – the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) – for years. As part of the 73rd Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022, Paris), we presented works in the field of miniaturized microfluidic devices enabling the cultivation and behavioral analysis of various biological objects in microgravity conditions. Works on both – fundamental research, as well as fully featured integrated life support systems, the so-called lab-payload, were presented by the team: Patrycja Śniadek, Agnieszka Krakos, Adrianna Graja, and Bartosz Kawa.

The work entitled Lab-payload for Biological CubeSat Satellite by Patrycja Śniadek, Bartosz Kawa, Adrianna Graja, Agnieszka Krakos, Wojciech Kubicki, Rafał Walczak, Jan Dziuban, was awarded 2nd place (ex aequo) in the competition for the best paper in the Science and Exploration field. The work was related to the implementation of the NCBiR project – Bio-nanosatellite using miniaturized lab-on-chip instruments and methodology of conducting bio-medical research with its use in microgravity. The main assumption of this project was to create a biological payload using miniature laboratories (so-called Lab-on-chips) to conduct biomedical research in the LabSat nanosatellite mission. The experiments covered the cultivation of microscopic fungi – Fusarium Culmorum and cress seeds in a microgravity environment in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Representatives of SRC FEPM will also be present at the Congress in Baku. We strongly recommend you to attend the 74th International Astronautical Congress (October 2-6, Baku, Azerbaijan).

See you soon!