Hubet Kijek is back with a camera at CBK WEFiM

On Wednesday, December 5, 2023, Hubert Kijek visited the Space Research Center of the Faculty of Electronics Photonics and Microsystems.

We talked primarily about biological experiments in microgravity conditions, especially in the context of studying the response of cancer cells to these conditions and the search for new, groundbreaking anticancer therapies, because such an experiment was on the short list of proposals that have a chance to be implemented on the ISS (competition: POLSA, ESA, Ministry of Technology and Development).

We expanded the conversation to include the topic of the Polish Mission to Mars, which Huber shot material about earlier:,7/kijek-w-kosmosie-odcinki,607116/odcinek-56,S00E56,971013.

He was also interested in the concept of an innovative flat-sat telescope for observing the Earth with unprecedented resolution, which was born and is being developed in the Center’s laboratories. This is not the first and I hope not the last visit of Hubert to the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Take a look at the effects of this meeting in the “Kijek w Kosmosie” program.