3D and 4D printed microsystems

Additive manufacturing is an extremely useful tool that allows you to make structures of almost any complex geometry. The time from designing the element via 3D CAD software to producing the finished structure is only a few hours. 3D printing creates ideal conditions for using this technology for quick and effective prototyping of microsystem structures (3D and 4D printed microsystems) and structural elements – supporting – for silicon and silicon-glass microsystems.

We specialize in prototyping printed microsensors, energy harvesters, actuators and microfluidic devices. We use the acquired knowledge and experience in implementing these solutions in space applications.

The most interesting solutions include:

  • micropots for measuring the biological potential of plants – the second generation of this microfluidic sensor was placed in the first Polish biological research nanosatellite,
  • microfluidic chips for gel electrophoresis and lab-on-disc,
  • micro energy harvesters vibrating and based on miniature turbines,
  • thermal and electromagnetic actuators,
  • structural elements of satellite payloads and mechanical and optomechanical devices for space applications.